Hitler Relodead


Tobias Bieseke | Germany | 2013 | 17 m

Everything begins with a small revolution in Russia, where in a dark corner in the Kremel´s basement the skull of man by the name A. Hitler turns up. Since the Germans demanded repatriations of looted pieces of art, the heads of the Kremel figured that it was the right time to hand the skull back to its original owners. After the outcome of scientific researches of Hitler’s DNA upset the German population, his human rights are posthumously denied. The unscrupulous businessman Bodo Schäfer begins to breed Hitler-clones without rights, with the goal of selling them for profit. Within short time, the clones are used for miscellaneous purposes: they bring out the trash and pick it up again, make excellent hosts for organs, become devices for mine-detection and disposal of nuclear waste et cetera. But after a while, the clones are beginning to act funny. They become more individual and begin to identify with benefactors of humankind. It even seems as if they wanted to change completely, to escape the bad image of their original „father“. When Obama finally decides to grant the clones their rights again, the situation is about to escalate. People are not willing to accept that they should considerate the lives of their clones. This leads to a battle, which the clones are trying to pray with total pacifism. At last, an unexpected turn decides the outcome of the battle, when humankind gains its reward for its greed for might and claim of power.