Homecoming Song


Daniel Janke | Canada | 00:20:24 | 2021
English, French, German

Homecoming Song [English; sous-titres Fran├žais; Deutsche Untertitel] is a poetic documentary that tells the parallel stories of two men who came home.
Many years ago Kaax’achgook of the Kiks.adi clan of Southeast Alaska disappeared at sea, and was thought lost by his family and people. Three years later he returned with a song telling of his experiences.
When Pete Sidney came back after being away for six years fighting in the 2nd World War, his mother Angela Sidney sang this ancient song for him because it was a lot like his story.

Ida Calmegan
Pete Sidney

Daniel Janke
Ida Calmegan
Sandra Johnson

Ida Calmegan

Andrew Sharp

Original Music
Daniel Janke

Vivian Belik
Elizabeth Harris

Singers of the Homecoming Song
Angela Sidney
Ida Calmegan
Pete Sidney