Human Savagery


Jeremy Bible | United States | 55:24 | 2019

“Human Savagery” pairs Bible’s powerful & moving, symphonic ambient compositions with his vivid ultra-HD aerial cinematography – which contrast the alien beauty of untouched mountains and desert landscapes with the chemical violence of EPA Superfund sites ravaged by industry. Bible has visited sites across the United States to create this footage, capturing a gripping snapshot of humanity’s often unseen footprint on this planet.

Presented not only as a static film “Human Savagery” is available to be presented as a dynamic and semi-generative multi-channel audio-visual surround sound installation, live performance, and photography exhibition.

The immersive, other-worldly sounds and lush and majestic imagery in “Human Savagery” by Jeremy Bible enter the body’s cells and vibrate the heart and mind. To experience this performance is to be transported to an alternate world within the existing world.” – Laura Bidwell / Transformer Station

“Experimental musician and installation artist Jeremy Bible has an incredible sense of space…” –

Jeremy Bible

Jeremy Bible