Vickie Anderson | United States | 2019 | 5:31


A young scientist creates a pill that will miraculously change her brother’s life, but she is faced with a decision she is not prepared to make until she gains insight from an unexpected and unlikely source.

The film was made with a 6-person cast/crew, made up of 3 actors with disabilities, and 2 of their moms. “Klarheit” is the name of the lab where Jane works, but also means “Clarity” in German.

Emma Daniels, who plays Jane, is a 19 year old actor from Cape Town, South Africa. She recently moved to Los Angeles to pursue a B.F.A. in Acting for Film and TV at the New York Film Academy. Emma has been appearing in television series since the age of 7, and also happens to be blind. She is an only child and lives in Los Angeles with her mom.

Tal Anderson who plays Claire, is also a Producer on this film, as well as the Editor. Tal is also on the Autism Spectrum. She relocated to LA from Florida, where she received a B.S. in Film from Full Sail University and graduated as Valedictorian. She began acting at age 15, and continues to nurture a life-long love of film and media. Tal is an actor and a model as well as a film editor. She most recently played the lead in a short film shot in Claremont, CA entitled “Fresh Start,” and is the editor on Aaron Jackson’s (California Dreams) feature “Cross to the Other Side”. Tal is currently taking classes at the Groundlings school, and works privately with coaches Tom Draper (Colin Farrell, Evan Peters) in Burbank, and Daniel Travis with the Nancy Banks Studio (Chris Pine, Margot Robbie, Channing Tatum) in Los Angeles. Tal is represented by Kazarian/Measures/Ruskin & Assoc. (KMR).
Tal’s Instagram: www.instagram.com/TheTalAnderson

Anthony Purnell, who plays Marcus and contributed to the story concept, is from Philadelphia, and a film school graduate. He has struggled with ADD all of his life, and recently moved from Orlando where he worked for Disney, to pursue acting in Los Angeles. Anthony is currently part of the principal cast of the Christian cable variety show, Skitz.
Anthony’s Instagram: www.instagram.com/AnthonytheArcane

Suzanne Daniels who plays Karen, is also Emma’s mom. She is an attorney from Cape Town, South Africa, and a single mom. She put her career on hold to move to L.A. with Emma to support her while she finishes her degree at New York Film Academy in Burbank.

Vickie Anderson plays Mikki, and is also the co-Producer, Writer, Production Designer, and Director for Klarheit. Vickie is a Marketing Consultant as well as a Graphic Artist. She has also produced 2 short films, and is an Executive Producer for Skitz, which is a comedy variety show filmed in Orlando, FL. She is from Cape Coral, FL, where her husband and 2 sons reside. She is also the mom of Tal Anderson, and lives with her in Burbank temporarily. Vickie came out to LA with Tal to support her daughter, Tal, in her pursuit of working in the entertainment industry as an actor and editor. She is bi-coastal (as is her husband), travelling between California and Florida to support and raise their 3 children, all who have special needs.

Maya Patel is the co-writer of the film and played a crital part in the story concept. Maya Patel is a Colorado College graduate (Comparative Literature major, Feminist and Gender Studies minor ’18), and Klarheit is the second film she has worked on. She is currently living in JAPAN, having earned a fellowship position with the Japanese Exchange and Teaching Program (JET), managed by the government of Japan. She participated in the Film Challenge via Facebook Video Messenger with writer, Vickie Anderson.

This film was made for the Easterseals Disability Film Challenge

Tal Anderson (Disability: Asperger’s)
Anthony Purnell (Disability: ADHD)
Emma Daniels (Disability: Blind)
Vickie Anderson
Suzanne Daniels

Vickie Anderson
Anthony Purnell
Maya Patel

Vickie Anderson
Tal Anderson