La Perla Blanca (Ingles)


Reyes Caballero | Spain | 2018 | 14:00
Spanish with English Subtitles

Year 1900 – RUSSIA: Oxana (Pearl) a beautiful and rich heiress very young widow of a soldier, with a shoot of less than a month Lena (Elena) saddened by the loss of her beloved husband, takes refuge in finding PEACE in her faith, love to his daughter and painting. An incentive to move forward in her life, this leads her to focus on meditation, reading, and art. After the years in 1917, he finds in the beauty of his young daughter, the lost sensuality … since he did not return to any man his beautiful body. Her teenage daughter has a passion for music, both of them adore the work of Maestro Pablo Sarasate, instilling in her as a child the love for the arts, with the utmost naturalness, these two women create a world full of subtlety … in their lives there is a woman who Mark your destiny, a great friend, Aleksandra, who Belongs to a Russian aristocratic family of Ukrainian origin, which anchors its roots beyond the thirteenth century a great Feminist, she was always at his side as a patron … that year They travel to Paris fleeing Russia, this friend protects them, from there to the South of France. 1935 Lena travels to Pamplona, already as a great researcher, looking for the roots of Pablo Sarasate.

Reyes Caballero

Reyes Caballero