Lake Effect


Mike King, John O’callaghan | United States | 00:35:33 | 2023

Lake Effect is a two-year ski film highlighting the joys of backyard adventure, and the shifting perspective of Mike King a professional skier, who for a decade has only sought adventure from the peaks of mountain tops in the far reaches of the west. In 2020 when COVID encouraged lockdowns & travel restrictions, Mike’s life on the road came to a screeching halt. This abrupt change inspired Mike to take the hurdle as an opportunity to reconnect with the unique, untapped terrain, ski culture, and the people that were thriving right here in his home state of Michigan. Over the course of filming Lake Effect Mike realized you don’t need to travel far to have an epic adventure. Rather some creativity, curiosity, and the willingness to just walk out the door to the abundance that starts right in our backyards.

Mike King

Mike King

Mike King
Sam Bennett
Ella Skrocki