Las Tierras de la Princesa Nandayure


José Pablo Castillo Valverde | Costa Rica | 2015 | 60:00
Spanish with English Subtitles

About 210 kilometers northwest of San José, Costa Rica lies the county of Nandayure. This place was named after a Chorotegan princess and it means “tall hill”. The lands of this ancient indigenous ruler are now bathed on one side by the waters of the Gulf of Nicoya and on the other side by opened waters of the Pacific Ocean. This is a site of geographical contrasts. Here lies the highest hill of the Nicoyan peninsula and also this county has the only island in the gulf that belongs to the province of Guanacaste. Between the two coasts and at the foot of the hill, the new sons of Nandayure live. Men and women who fight every day to make a living among sugar cane mills, coffee plantations, cattle ranches, fishing ports and ovens made of clay.

José Pablo Castillo Valverde

José Pablo Castillo Valverde