Letters From Long Binh


Gregory Stern | United States | 00:40:42 | 2020

In the fall of 1968, a 26-year old Army Captain finds himself halfway across the world in Vietnam. From Long Binh Post, Bruce Stern connects with his friends and family at home while he tries to maintain a sense of normalcy in a turbulent time. Through dozens of talking letters, hundreds of written correspondences, photographs and interviews, we see what his life was like in a war zone.

Letters from Long Binh is a film that brings back a time long since past, but not forgotten.

The materials used to chronicle the time in Vietnam were unknown to the director prior to his father’s passing. Found by chance, he was able to hear his father describe what life was like in-country.

Ray Busch

Kristen Stern

Lynn Zwica
Todd Palladino

Brendan Rosen