Life in Circles


Bart van Tongerlo | Netherlands | 2017 | 41:00

Dutch, English with English Subtitles

In the independent documentary called Life in Circles (2017) Dutch filmmaker Bart van Tongerlo goes in search for a countless number of mysterious stone circles in southern Africa. Without a plan but driven by an unquestionable inner desire. Comedian and television host Leon van der Zanden follows him closely as an inquisitive interviewer.

In a world of conflicting theories he gets confused and distracted. But the quest unfolds in a magical way and he eventually discovers the deeper meaning of his trip.

The call to an ancient trace of a life in circles results in a open-hearted narrative of the inner journey from the head to the heart. An animated travelogue with a frivolously spiritual touch.

Bart van Tongerlo Productions

Luc Elsjan of Wipper

Max Franken