Lilly Riggs


Naman Gupta | United States | 2018 | 22:00

Blondie and Zero stake out an art gallery for a heist job. It’s easy in, easy out. The job goes off without a hitch or so they thought. As the two wait for the word on where to pick up their money, Zero reads the classifieds. He comes across a missed connection ad posted by Lilly Riggs describing the two of them as artists moving a painting and hoping to connect with Blondie.

As Blondie realizes the danger he and his daughter are in if there are any loose ends, he presses Zero to take care of Lilly Riggs. Zero turns into a whining baby at the thought of killing someone, Blondie knows he will have to deal with Lilly. Panic pushes Blondie to react violently, smashing Zero’s head against the front dashboard. On his way to dispose of Zero’s body, Blondie calls Lilly Riggs to respond to her missed connection ad, the date is set.

The next day, he drives over to meet Lilly, parks and gets out. Before getting too far, Blondie doubles back to his car and grabs something from the glove box. He arrives at Lilly Riggs apartment, a man with a plan, but finds himself overwhelmed and confused about how he feels, caught in a dance of temptation.

After giving into the temptation, Blondie and Lilly get dressed. They head out of her apartment and to the elevator, time slows, they share shy smiles, their hearts race, love is in the air. But not for long, the tone shifts as Blondie puts on his gloves and gets in the elevator. The moment is now, time to choose, will he be able to kill an innocent woman or will he risk endangering his daughter and himself?

Naman Gupta

Naman Gupta