Lucifer Speaks from The “I AM” movie


Daniel Glaser | United States | 00:05:00 | 2022

The opening scene from the film in development, “The I AM”. This opening scene is powerful musical retelling of the confrontation between Lucifer and Christ.
YESHUAH (Jesus), alone enters a barren, desolate wilderness in 1st century Israel. He fasts for 40 days in this unforgiving wasteland where holy men are cleansed and purged for God’s great purpose, as each night brings the black embrace of loneliness. As the wind wails a mocking, whispering voice in the dark, out of what appears to be small whirlwinds, a voice screams his name, “YESHUAH!”
Then, out of one of the whirlwinds appears a man with sharp, handsome features and meticulously dressed and pure evil. He introduces himself as, “Lucifer” and begins to taunt and question Yeshuah.
Here, begins the confrontation of the millennia; Lucifer confronts Christ, evil vs good. Yeshuah is challenged to end his starvation by changing a stone into bread but quotes the Words of God from the holy book to rebuff the tempter. Next, Lucifer brings him on top of the Holy Temple with the challenge if he really is the Son of God, he could throw himself down and be caught by his angels, again Yeshuah warns him not to tempt God. Finally, Lucifer proclaims he has the power to offer him the ultimate chance to rule the earth and forego his predestined sufferings, if he will simply bow down and worship Lucifer but Jesus proclaims with a passionate cry He will worship God ONLY! With that, Lucifer is cast away from him. Warrior angels block Lucifer and give comfort to Yeshuah, then Lucifer disappears in another whirlwind and waits for another opportune time to assault Yeshuah.

Orson Van Gay II
Brian Troch

Daniel Glaser

Daniel Glaser