Made with Love


Nathan Agin | United States | 2019 | 10:27

Made with Love is a ten minute documentary about Lipstick Lex, an ambitious unconventional artist that only uses lipstick to create her art. She creates art by kissing canvases and painting with lipstick. In this documentary, we step into Alexis Fraser’s life in Sarasota, Florida. We explore the origins of her unique art style, what it means to her and the beautiful impacts it has made within communities. This film also explores the conflict that Lex faces in her life, from struggling to learn the business aspect of her career, to balancing her full-time career with being a mother of 2 young children. Made with Love concludes with an inspirational message from Lex for all the people out there trying to become their best selves and manifest their goals into reality.

Alexis Fraser

Nathan Agin