MAGAMUNI (Great Sage)


Santhakumar | India | 02:48:52 | 2021

Mahadevan a call taxi driver lives with his dependent wife Viji and 5 years old son Prabha in Kanchipuram district. Maha lives a secret double life as a hitman for a local politician muthuraj to support his family. As maha’s enemies tries to kill him, he and his wife decides to get out of the state for which they need to get pending money from muthuraj. On other side, maha’s twin brother muniraj who is living with his adopted mother in erode might face problem for his physical similarity with maha. The story is narrated with links and loops between twin brothers who got separated during childhood.

Indhuja Ravichandran


Studio green

Manager for Director Santhakumar
Lenin kumar