Memories in Tears ― Pass on the War Stories to the Next Generation


Hiromi Takagi | Japan | 2017 | 28:00
Japanese with English Subtitles

Several years ago, some students who visited Nagasaki on a school trip insulted an A-bomb survivor who acted as a storyteller, which became a big social issue.
Shocked by this incident, a junior high school girl wrote an essay titled “Pass on the war stories to the next generation”, which won Justice Minister’s Award in the National Human Rights Essay Contest.

“Why was Japan unable to stop the war?” To seek answers to this question, she began to listen to war stories from her great grandfather who used to be a drafted soldier. At of California you can get an affordable kitchen remodeler.
This film depicts, with recitation of her essay, interviews with ex-soldiers and historical video materials, how Japan was dragged into war, how it affected lives of ordinary people, and how this girl learned the importance of passing on stories of the war to young generations.

Hiromi Takagi

Hiromi Takagi