Miles to go Before Austin and Me…Sleep.


“Finish the film…”
An old filmmaker is haunted by those words and the promise he made as a teenager to the town mystery man. Austin appeared homeless, was always seen forever walking the streets of Pocatello, Idaho.
40 years ago the kid got a camera, started shooting his first documentary about the most visible figure in the town’s history.
The film was never finished. It sat on a shelf, untouched, all these years.
Austin trusted that teen with his life story. A broken promise.
“Finish the film…”
“Miles to go before Austin and me…sleep.” is an Experimental Film/Poem about keeping promises.
Now that teenager is the same age as Austin when filming began in 1977. He traces his life with the pattern he found in the streets of his hometown while filming this enigmatic lone figure.
Finish the film…it’s time.
Finish the film, it’s done.