Missed Call


Ruben Avitia | United States | 2016 | 13 m

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A newlywed couple view a “too good to be true” home for sale and find out it has a mysterious past with the previous owners. Though one of them has her worries, the husband persuades his wife to not miss this opportunity at a home in an exclusive neighborhood at a bargain price. They have a house warming party with a few of their good friends… when things start to quietly change during the evening. Is the home haunted? Is someone playing an evil trick? Don’t Miss a Call when your phone rings… it could be you asking for help.

Marco Infante
Shiah Luna
Rob Marrocco, Jr.
Anne Scottlin
Tracey Graham
Ruben Avitia
Jay Nunez
Stacy Vazquez
Sara Wittry
Roxy Amezquita
Ernesto Solis


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