Mocktale (2019)


“There are two kinds of people ! Those who want to change the system and those who are changed by the system” – #MocktaleTheFilm

MOCKTALE is a suspense thriller film in disguise of an urban art house cinema that deals with the current social issues in India like farmer suicide, economic inequality and caste based reservation with a bold approach. Ideologies of CheGuevara and Mohandas K Gandhi are used as metaphors with the characters of Chethan and Mohan.

Chethan, an young IT professional becomes a rebel after being provoked by the news of a farmer suicide. Chethan reads Karl Marx and gets inspired by the life and ideologies of Cheguevara and decides to take a path of vigilantism. He gets tempted by the economical imbalance in the society and thinks that the communist ideas will help to fix it. An aspiring revolutionary who decides to change the society is trapped in a murder case before he even begins his mission.

Mohan, the friend of Chethan on the other hand believes in Gandhian principles and remains neutral to Chethan’s outbursts. But at the end we get to know that Mohan is also a wounded soul, who wants to avenge his injustice.

Along with the non linear story telling, artistic approach in handling social elements makes the film a true Mocktale as it spreads between the genres. Also the film is first of its kind in adopting a layered climax that gives unbelievable twists as it progresses till the end.