My Dear Wife


Chandan Kumar | India | 2018 | 2:06:59

Saajan and Ila a middle aged married couple, who keeps fighting with each other because over the years their marriage has turned so sour that the only way they can keep their passion alive is by taking jibes at each other all the time. Which underlies that they cannot live together but also don’t want to live apart. This verbal abuse is fueled by an excessive smoking and consumption of alcohol.

Late one Saturday evening after a company party, Ila invites Vinit, an ambitious young finance head in Specter Ltd (Ila’s Fathers company) were he’s also promised to be promoted soon. And his trophy wife Amy, over few late night drinks. As the evening progresses, Vinit and Amy, after few drinks get caught up in Saajan and Ila’s games of insulting each other.In the end, however, all of the characters are left with nothing but the truth.

Nakul Vaid
Jagat Rawat
Meenal Kapoor
Aakansha Kadre

Samarprit Jain

Chandan Kumar

This Movie is No Longer Available