My Father’s Brothers



The filmmaker interviewed his father and seven survivors of an Army Airborne company about a horrific battle they were in together in 1966. Following ill-conceived orders, one of the platoons is attacked, forever changing all of their lives.


Jack Kelley, a Citadel graduate, volunteered for Vietnam. As a Captain, he routinely led his company of 140 men on patrols in the jungles of Vietnam. The orders came down from higher command that on June 29, 1966 Capt. Jack Kelley, and the other company commanders, were to spread their platoons 1,000 meters apart in order to cover more area when looking for the Vietcong.

The triple-canopy jungle was dense and muddy, making movement slow. During the patrol, 3rd platoon stumbles upon an embedded Vietcong main force battalion. Outnumbered nearly 10-to-1, the platoon is savagely attacked.

After Vietnam, the survivors go their separate ways. Slowly they reunite over the years, finding ways to deal with PTSD and reconcile with the past. Opening up in candid interviews with the filmmaker, these men relive their time together in Vietnam and their journey to healing with the brotherhood of men and their 50 year friendship.