My Heart is Not Afraid


David Sipoš | Slovenia | 2019 | 37:15
English, Slovenian with English Subtitles

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The documentary film presents the life of Alojzij Grozde, from his childhood in the poor Dolenjska region to his life as a student and finally his tragic death. The film narrative combines interviews and dramatised re-enactments that try to portray Grozde in a more personal way. The whole film tries to answer the question of who was Alojzij Grozde with the help of experts, historians, and the views of ordinary people who have come into contact with him or his story.

The central symbols of the film are the sun and the motif of the snowdrops. The snowdrops were next to Grozde’s corpse when the children found him. They are harbingers of spring and signify the end of winter and the prospect of better days. At the same time, they symbolise the personality of Alojzij Grozde with their perseverance by pushing through the snow in early spring.

Alex Centa
Jaša Piščanc
Lovro Berkopec

Rok Andres
Matjaž Feguš

David Sipoš