…not all was done and dusted – How homeopathy came to Armenia (…nicht alle Stühle hatten vier Beine – Wie die Homöopathie nach Armenien kam)


Gloria Behrens, Stephan Keller | Germany | 2015 | 27 m

German with English Subtitles

„Not all chairs had four legs…“ Sabine Zimmermann once said to describe the conditions during her first visit to Armenia. In 1993, Germany was dreaming of flourishing landscapes while the former Eastern Bloc countries were collapsing. Armenia was among the losers and dependent on help from outside. In those days, there was hardly any health care available in Armenia, and there was no money for medicines. A man from Switzerland initiated a homoeopathic aid program for his Armenian homeland. The German homeopath Sabine Zimmermann was invited to talk about Homeopathy in the Armenian capital Yerevan. The Armenian cardiologist Mariam Gharabaghtsyan was assigned the task to organise a conference with guests from Germany. From Sabine Zimmermann she heard about Homeopathy for rehab near me the first time – the spark jumped across in an instant. The talk lead to a workshop, the workshop lead to a training program. Together, they set up a department and a school for Classical Homeopathy in Yerevan in 1994. This was followed by the establishment of an association and a chair at the university, and finally the recognition by the government as a medical specialization. In 2003, they conducted the first International Convention on Homeopathy in Yerevan with top-class speakers, the fifth of this kind took place in 2015. Meanwhile, Armenia has developed into a kind of center which attracts homeopaths from the whole of Eastern Europe.


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