Now Place Your Bets “The History Of Sports Betting In America”


Dennis Tobler | United States | 2017 | 1:42:00

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“Features baseball legend Pete Rose, Las Vegas veteran oddsmaker and producer Dennis Tobler, Pinnacle CEO Jessica Davis, former mobster Frank Cullotta, noted historians Richard Davies and Eugene Moehring, futures bet record holder Dave Oancea (“”Vegas Dave””), professional sports handicapper Joe D’Amico, former Stardust casino manager Jim Bobbera, sports journalist and publisher Buzz Daly, former Sam’s Town sports and race book manager Norm Kelley, and many others.

This groundbreaking six-part film documents the rise of American sports betting and its transformation into a multi-billion dollar global industry as told by the pioneer oddsmakers, casino managers, professional gamblers, journalists and historians who knew and witnessed these events.

Dennis Tobler
Buzz Daly
Norm Kelly
Jessica Davis
Frank Culotta
Pete Rose
Dr. Richard Davies
Trip Mitchell
Prof. Eugene Moehring
Joe D’Amico
Dave Oancea

Dennis Tobler

Dennis Tobler

This Movie is No Longer Available