Graciela Cassel | United States | 00:14:00 | 2021

A teenager walks across Freedom Park dreaming of the ocean. While walking, he meets different people who interpret the text “Oceans “ each in a different language. The teenager listens and interacts with each of them. His role incarnates the innocence in all of us when discovering new things. He listens to what each person has to say about languages and the ocean. They all interpret the same piece but what is most interesting is that each person adds something new to overall interpretation. “Oceans” is a text I wrote inspired by Rachel Carson’s mid century book The Sea Around Us.” When reading the book, two ideas came to my mind: mother tongue and mother ocean. I also see this text in a frame of tongue and ties. The ocean is what connects the continents, while the water is what allows us to survive; finally, the languages – many tongues – tie us together.

Graciela Cassel
Edgardo Parada