One Heck of a Game


Karen DeLuca Stephens | United States | 00:17:48 | 2022

In the summer of 1937 during the Depression a group of 13 year old boys from an Italian immigrant neighborhood of Boston forms a baseball team. They hunt up uniforms and equipment; they join a citywide league alongside 27,000 other boys. They win every game to reach the championship, a game that is played in Fenway Park. They win by one run on an infield home run in the bottom of the last inning. Four years later they enlist and fight in WWII. ONE HECK OF A GAME recounts a baseball game and its transformative power.

Peter Gravallese
Mike English, Jr.
Keley Russo
Michael Giglio
Ed Porzio
Leonardo Giglio

Karen DeLuca Stephens

Karen DeLuca Stephens

Lucas La Battaglia