Open Mic Dublin – The Movie


This documentary is the result of a two-year comprehensive examination of the open mic scene in Dublin, Ireland. The stories are great, the talent is astounding and the origins from 25 years ago is a surprise and delight. The whole film is awash with revealing interviews and superb music and poetry, captured live and in the raw. This is the first project of its kind attempted for this scene, and due to the scale of the task, it’s not likely to be repeated any time soon.

We interviewed both the artists and the host’s and they tell us how they got involved, what is so good about open mics and the extraordinary things they have seen.

We also tracked down the man who starting the whole scene, a musician who formatted the ultimate song-writers night and who nurtured the talent of a number of younger artists who went on to do great things in music. He explains how it all began and the people he met on the way.