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Shiona McCubbin | United Kingdom | 00:12:30 | 2022 English Niamh reaches out to her Auntie Liz when she notices her not long deceased mother’s ashes are missing. Can they overcome their differences and take comfort from each other, or will Maureen continue to drive them apart? Cast Blythe Duff Sally Reid Writer Amy Hawes… Read more »


Elisabeth Tsubota | United States | 00:11:47 | 2022 English In the wake of being left by her lover, a young woman contemplates an experimental program to colonize an alternative earth–unaware of the ramifications her decision will have on numerous lives. Cast Emily Karlsson Faye Viviana Writer Elisabeth Tsubota Producer Faye Viviana WATCH NOW!! Viewing… Read more »


Zeljko Mirkovic | Serbia | 00:54:00 | 2022 Serbian There’s no right time for love. There’s no right time for starting a family. You don’t wait for the right time. The right time won’t come. The right time depends on us. The right time is always there. Don’t be afraid. Set sail and you will… Read more »

The Dec1sion

Roy Mazzagate III | United States | 00:14:53 | 2022 English Millions of decisions are made in a lifetime…yet only 1 matters. Ty finds himself submerged in the results of his 1 decision. Cast Dave Stone Christopher Lopez Writer Roy Mazzagate III Producer Roy Mazzagate III WATCH NOW!! Viewing Instructions


Nate Carroll | United States | 00:01:00 | 2022 English “They say 8% of folks have a fear of clowns and the other 92% are lying!” A solo project shot, edited, and acted in by Nate Carroll for Vancouver Film School’s ‘Intro to Cinematography’ final assignment taught by DoP Thomas Burstyn (Netflix Cowboy BeBop, TNT… Read more »

It’s all about swing

Wagner Cinelli | Brazil | 00:02:31 | 2022 Portuguese This song is representative of the style called sambalanco, which is very close to samba and aimed at ballroom dancing. Joao Roberto Kelly, who is the songwriter, is a special guest and one of the singers. Kelly is a renowned musician and known in Brazil as… Read more »


Jennifer Jessum | United States | 00:12:35 | 2022 English ANIMA is a short documentary film created with the goal of decreasing violence against animals by raising awareness of what different faiths teach about the idea of compassion and animals. Cast Saginaw Grant Sam Bearpaw Writer Jennifer Jessum Producers Lo Sprague Jennifer Jessum Cinematography Joseph… Read more »

Annie’s Audience

Jesse O’Daniel | United States | 00:09:20 | 2022 English A young woman struggles with her self-loathing as she navigates the performative nature of social media Cast Samantha Campbell Writers Jesse O’Daniel Abigail Hallex Producers Jesse O’Daniel Alexis O’Daniel WATCH NOW!! Viewing Instructions

In the Dead Park

Moritz Liewerscheidt | Germany | 00:08:13 | 2022 German Based on the poems of a writer in a small town in former West Germany (1949–1990), “In the Dead Park” paints the portrait of a society that has lost its language. Producer Moritz Liewerscheidt WATCH NOW!! Viewing Instructions

America Boxed In

Casey G. Williams | United States | 01:42:00 | 2022 English America Boxed In is a story that examines a world where globalization reigns supreme. It explores the consequences of the “heart of the global economy”—the freight container. By greatly lowering the cost of moving goods from anywhere, to anywhere, and the time it takes… Read more »