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The Missing

Jary Nemo | Australia | 00:11:21 | 2021 English When WW1 brought Australians face to face with mass death a Red Cross Information Bureau and post-war graves workers laboured to help families grieve for the missing. The unprecedented death toll of the First World War generated a burden of grief. Particularly disturbing was the vast… Read more »

Harbour Lights

Jary Nemo | Australia | 00:17:51 | 2021 English In Melbourne Australia at the turn of the 20th century a pioneering network of women at the Mission to Seafarers supported sailors who risked their lives at sea. The documentary ‘Harbour Lights’ tells the remarkable story of the Ladies Harbour Lights Guild and the lives of… Read more »

The Eraser

Philip Snyder | United States | 00:07:27 | 2021 English Young sketch artist realizes world changing powers. Co-director Robert M. Snyder Cast Robert Mullally Lukas Kaminsky Nicholas Kaminsky Elizabeth Snyder Robert M. Snyder Peter Snyder Writer Robert M. Snyder Producers Philip Snyder Robert M. Snyder

SÈ “Un viaggio nel subconscio”

Jonathan Redavid | Italy | 00:07:40 | 2021 Italian A man begins his morning stroll to church. The same weekly visit suddenly feels different. Every day images begin to trigger an extraordinary trip, a daydreaming state that opens a door into the deep subconscious. This journey opens his eyes to the unfortunate realities of life… Read more »

The Thread

United States | 00:01:57 | 2021 English A man finds a loose thread on his sweater and begins to unravel something far more gruesome. Film by Jeremy Alan Pappas Music by Golden Age Radio


Léo Bittencourt | Brazil | 00:19:00 | 2021 Portuguese The night side of a modernist icon. The fauna and flora of Roberto Burle Marx’s gardens inhabited by visitors to Parque do Flamengo while the city of Rio de Janeiro falls asleep. Cast Daniel dos Santos de Andrade Elisa Lucinda Gabriel Fernando de Castro Gleiton Matheus… Read more »


Yudelka Heyer | United States | 00:31:46 | 2021 English A group of surviving women of different ethnicity and social class meet in a Center for Domestic Violence. Seeking counseling and help, thus narrating their stories of guilt, frustrations and fears. Cast Claire Monique Martin Barbara Bernardi Writer Yudelka Heyer Producers Yudelka Victor Diaz


Vicky Zhuang Yi-Yin | Pakistan | 00:07:14 | 2021 Urdu Meher, Anwar and Arhab, a bereft and broken family, must face the circumstances around the death of Jibran (Jibi), their son and brother. Cast Nimra Bucha Arslan Khan Fawad Jalal Writer Vicky Zhuang Yi-Yin Producer Vicky Zhuang Yi-Yin Director of Photography Farman Ali Sound Recordist… Read more »

Boy Scientist

Susan Lim | United States | 00:02:44 | 2021 English A brilliant boy scientist meets the girl scientist of his dreams, poised and beautiful, surrounded by flasks and beakers. The best he can do is bottle her image in his flask, so he may serenade and waltz with her in his Quantum Physics Lab. Co-director… Read more »

Magic Dream

Tomás Welss Barkan | Chile | 00:11:08 | 2021 English A magician wants to convince with his magic and brilliance, but his capability exceeds the limits of his own control, leading him to a show full of violence and abuse. Cast Tomás Welss Writer Tomás Welss Barkan Producers Tomás Welss Iván Nakouzi Jorge Dorival