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How the West Wasn’t Won

Dean Edwardson | United States | 00:06:45 | 2020 English In the old west, a poker game causes a gun fight between two cowboys that ends unexpectedly. Cast James Winterbottom Reggie Choquette Writer Dean Edwardson Producer Dean Edwardson

Remember This Voice

Jeff Chan | United States | 00:08:12 | 2020 English, Spanish He was given a chance to make himself heard. A Los Angeles transplant from Venezuela, who believes that his broken English is an insurmountable hindrance to achieving his own American Dream, is about to give up on his passion for Hollywood when a single… Read more »

It Stops Today

Calvin Kai Ku | United States | 00:03:24 | 2020 This is a video based on the song , “I Can’t Breathe’ by Ken Newman. The song was originally written as a tribute to Eric Garner, who died when he was placed in an illegal choke hold by a police officer on Staten Island on… Read more »

Can’t Stop the Sun from Shining

Dr. Teresa Mular | United States | 00:47:28 | 2020 English A documentary about four centenarian and almost centenarian women living in New York who unravel their courage, strength and zest for life in unique and inspiring ways. An homage to aging without regrets. Writer Dr. Teresa Mular Producer Dr. Teresa Mular

Moonlight Motel

Jordan Paley | United States | 00:06:54 | 2020 English After losing his faith, a former priest pays for the company of a woman that bares a striking resemblance to his long lost love. This film was made as a collaboration with the students of George A. Romero’s Filmmaking Program at Douglas Education Center in… Read more »

9 Lives: Chapter One

Gabrielle Miller | United States | 00:12:44 | 2020 English “Someone once told me that we all have 9 lives.” There are 9 pivotal moments in your life where you choose a path or one is chosen for you and you could lose a life. “I guess you can call them near misses.” This is… Read more »

The Lost Within

Steve Gibson | United States | 01:42:00 | 2020 English While reporter Jon Edens (David Gries, America’s Most Haunted) is interviewing people for his book about shut-ins and others that have chosen to remove themselves from society, his search leads him to Agatha Smith (Jami Tennille, Manchester By The Sea), an odd woman living under… Read more »

Tooth Fairies

Sara Dennis | United States | 00:03:22 | 2020 English Jeremy has been in love with the Tooth Fairy as long as he can remember. How far will he go to see her again? Cast Matthew Roeder Steve Sheehan Sara Dennis Writers Sara Dennis Steve Sheehan Producer Sara Dennis Original Score John Love Recording Engineer… Read more »

Brass Ring

Zachary Ross | United States | 00:09:59 | 2020 English A fanatic finally meets his favorite over-the-hill wrestler at a mediocre comic book convention and attempts to make him relevant again. Cast Max Holiday Adam Shalzi Chris Meister Dan McEvily Cory Hardin Jen Bosworth Writer Zachary Ross Producers Zachary Ross Molly McCloskey Robert Pate

About Her

Wagner Cinelli | Brazil | 00:05:00 | 2020 English, Portuguese About Her deals with a sad and unfortunate worldwide issue: domestic violence against women. It is a silent animation movie. The images that alternate between past and present are enough to convey the message: we urgently need to talk about it. We must do it… Read more »