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Hans-Juergen Ramoth | Germany | 00:15:39 | 2020 The film CREDO is about 19-year-old Jana, who finds a new meaning for her future life in an open, because philanthropic Christian religion. During the search, however, she encounters extremely contradictory views about what constitutes a meaningful belief … Co-director Jana Entenmann Cast Jana Entenmann Anika Gräwer… Read more »

Cartas de Amor a un Torero

Reyes Caballero | Spain | 00:15:00 | 2020 España, años 1936 al 1942, hay varias historias que se juntan en este guión, hechos reales del entorno, con historias ficticias, amores ocultos, mujeres espías, baile y ganaderos de más de 50.000 cabezas de ganado! Toreros y poderío agrícola. Fabrica de Mantas para el ejercito, la mayor… Read more »


John Gray | United States | 00:09:10 | 2020 A young boy is forced to deal with the entity that possesses his mother. Cast Paul Luke Bonenfant Colleen Clinton Writer John Gray Producers John Gray Melissa Jo Peltier, p.g.a.


John Gray | United States | 00:13:08 | 2020 A black comedy, quarantine era murder mystery – a ZOOM meeting for a corrupt investment company goes horribly wrong. Made completely through ZOOM, with all of the actors working from home. Cast Kirk Acevedo Henry Czerny Tim Griffin Jason Kravits Kim Wayans Writer John Gray Producer… Read more »

Fade Out Ray

Francisco Martinez | United States | 02:02:00 | 2020 English A deranged ex-con seeks revenge when he discovers that his screenplay has been stolen. Cast Turk Matthews Writer Francisco Martinez Producers Francisco Martinez Turk Matthews

Rick and Me

Miguel Wise | 00:41:38 | 2020 Mike Wise left the United States to meet a man named Rick Simpson who was living in Croatia. After dealing with crohn’s disease his entire life, Rick was able to offer Mike insight into how to heal and cure an ‘incurable’ disease. This is the film about that healing… Read more »


Tobias Bieseke | Germany | 00:19:57 | 2020 Through his research, Falk Marna has succeeded in using bacteria to synthesize a fluid that reveals a form of communication in carbon atoms. Falk thinks he knows what guides the souls of his fellow human beings deep inside. Yolanda, his colleague, considers the stimulated state of the… Read more »

Told You So

Julie Land | United States | 00:06:44 | 2020 English You may want to listen to your wife when she asks you to lock the door. Cast Tom Galindo Jan Krouse Greene Ethan Rodgers Dustin Teuber Writer Julie Land Producer Julie Land

My Autopsy

Holly Mollohan | United States | 01:52:00 | 2020 “My Autopsy” is a story of the progression of a woman’s strength as she journeys to escape the invisible chains of a past abusive relationship. It is an exploration of the darker side of love and obsession, and how an emotional autopsy is sometimes necessary to… Read more »


Ben Murray | United Kingdom | 00:12:20 | 2020 English A woman from a far-away place is trying to join a clan of magical hunter-gatherers, who will welcome her on a condition – she must prove her ability to use their magic, known as “Taboodisobis”. Cast Noga Flaishon Cristina Massaro John Kinory Writer Ben Murray… Read more »