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Laura Cappellesso | Italy | 00:42:38 | 2021 Italian A powerful, carved and majestic body: an old ash tree stands out in a boundless landscape. A tiny female presence emerges and disappears in the distance. The wind sways the treetops and moves the body of Luana, who is gracefully and sinuously dancing on a grassland…. Read more »


Ryan Hammaker | United States | 00:02:38 | 2021 English Logline: An elderly woman recalls a memory before her very last breath. Synopsis: Sunflowers sway as bees hover, the youthful blue eyes of an innocent young girl open. A moment of pure bliss shifts… decades later she’s alone in a mansion reflecting on that moment… Read more »


Anne Nichols Brown | United States | 00:14:29 | 2021 English A troubled teenager attempts to save his sister from what seems to be an abusive home. Cast Jereon Frank Kales Riley Horn Writer Jereon Frank Kales Producer Lucy G Brown

Prime of Your Life

Craig Tovey | United States | 00:10:28 | 2021 English A determined actress is willing to do whatever it takes to make it in Hollywood, but when she’s stripped of a big opportunity, she breaks down in epic fashion. Cast Tara Erickson Blayne Weaver Writers Craig Tovey Tara Erickson Producers Tara Erickson Craig Tovey Eugene… Read more »

the sky is the limit

Mirka Anderson | United Kingdom | 00:24:54 | 2021 English The film, produced by the mother, is about the life of her 33 yrs old daughter Emma who has Down’s Syndrome. Despite all social, physical and psychological adversities she is a symbol of success as a prolific artist and emanates positive energy with calm, humour… Read more »


Diego Brazzo | United States | 00:04:20 | 2021 A young man tries to access his future through a virtual reality headset. Cast Greg Poppa Rachel Keefe

Behind my eyes.

Ivan Acosta | United States | 00:40:10 | 2021 Spanish September 11, 2001, began as a beautiful summer day, with a pleasant heat, a diaphanous light, and the bustle of thousands of New Yorkers commuting to their activities, to fulfill their civic duty to vote and to drop off their children in centers and daycare… Read more »

Love Distance

Agatino Zurria | United States | 00:20:00 | 2021 English As the world gets used to life during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns, seven seemingly unconnected characters experience cabin fever and so they interact with each other through technology, with those they usually neglect or abuse during normal times, in search of solace. But find what… Read more »

The Packages

Kevin Reeves | Canada | 00:07:30 | 2021 No Dialogue A husband and wife living in a remote Canadian farmhouse decide to order a couple of products online – leading to disastrous results. Cast Valerie Pereboom Lee-Pierre Shirey Writer Kevin Reeves Producer Kevin Reeves

Sunset in Winter

Kelley Lockman | United States | 00:21:03 | 2021 English A couple’s love is tragically cut short when cancer takes the life of a man’s young bride. The aftermath of being left behind leads the husband to desperately and sometimes hopelessly search for meaning, solace and the will to live. Cast Kelley Lockman Kimberly Hamilton… Read more »