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Dan Eichholtz | United States | 2016 | 18 m When Grandma Izzy’s computer is hijacked and threatens all her life memories. She sets out to find a “Computer Savior” who can unlock it. But instead of savior she is robed and victimized. Viewing Instructions

Fill in the Blanks (Texte a Trous)

Chloé Marçais | France | 2016 | 9 m French with English Subtitles At the laundry a man listens to two girls’ intimate conversation. Unfortunately, several noises prevent him to hear the most interesting details… Cast Jean-luc Vincent Lou Chauvain Maëlle Arsant Marie-christine Jeanney

Behind The Cake

Sasha Buljovcic | United States | 2015 | 39 m When the sinister games of creative cruelty start wearing their masks. Mysterious man becomes involved in the silent mission of conspiracy, sabotage, and deadly path. Everything that seems cozy, polite, colorful and safe on the surface becomes the worst nightmare when it’s unwrapped.

The Falling Soldier

Julian Zuazo | Spain | 2015 | 11 m A militiaman killed in the Spanish civil war, comes a life in Madrid today.

The Secrets of the Keys

Michael Su | United States | 2015 | 1 h 49 m Facebook | Twitter Imagine getting a life-altering call from your doctor. That’s exactly what happens to motivational speaker and author “Elizabeth” in The Secrets of the Keys. Now, the inspiration she has used throughout her career to guide others comes back to her as she… Read more »

I Only Talk To Strangers

Sofia Touboura | Greece | 2015 | 9 m English, French with English Subtitles A young woman wandering around the city, randomly meeting people from different ages and backgrounds. The meetings unveil unexpected behaviours. A dive into the individual and collective unconscious, to retrieve lost data and break free from the fear of the unknown. A tribute to… Read more »


Nevin Bernet | United States | Production Year | 23 m A man struggles with his guilt and shame around the loss of his daughter. Cast Chopper Bernet Charlotte Foote

Fire Photo 1

Brian Kaufman | United States | 2015 | 34 m Fire Photo 1 tells the story of unassuming, affable Bill Eisner, who has amassed a visual history of the Detroit Fire Department that’s been described as a priceless museum. His archive is gargantuan: hundreds of thousands of photographs, Super 8mm film reels, boxes of video… Read more »

Why Can’t I Be A Sushi

Hoda Elsoudani | United Kingdom | 2016 | 45 m This documentary follows the journey of two young journalists – Niamh (age10) and her sister Sofia (age 8) trying to wrap their heads around something incredibly serious and weighty: the sometimes-bloody Sunni – Shia conflict that has been going on for decades. The girls talk… Read more »

A Drag Queen For Kids

Byron Karabatsos | United States | 2015 | 13 m A Drag Queen for Kids follows Dito Van Reigersberg and his alter ego, Martha Graham Cracker, as they prepare for and perform their show for kids Martha Graham Cracker Meets Dr. Seuss. Jokes are reshaped, songs carefully altered, innuendos abound. Putting the lie to assumptions about… Read more »