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The Promise

Christopher Kennedy | United States | 00:16:50 | 2021 English In 1954 a stranger knocks on the door to a house. As he waits for someone to answer, he looks at a picture in his pocket. Cut to 13 years earlier, Bill was at that doorstep where he eventually proposed to his girlfriend Mary. But… Read more »

Long Way From Home

John Coinman | United States | 00:03:47 | 2021 Music Video Co-director Jo Andersen Writer John Coinman Producers John Coinman Blair Forward


Lillian Carter | United States | 00:03:50 | 2021 “WOMAN” reveals the three archetypes that all women utilize throughout their lives. The Mother is Unconditional Love, The Hunter is search for the Truth and The Witch is Wisdom and Intuition. They are innate strengths we draw from to understand others decisions, resolutions and perspectives as… Read more »

Miss C.

Benoit DUCHE | France | 00:28:56 | 2021 English Set in an ordinary corporate context, this short film asks the question “Who am I?”. Steve is a young executive working in a large firm who is about to be fired. At least, that’s what he thinks. As a HR consultant, Miss C. is the one… Read more »

The Dentist

Lawrence Terrill | United States | 00:17:58 | 2021 English An Ex-Gangster under witness protection with the FBI discovers that his whereabouts may have been compromise. Now there’s a race against time for the FBI to relocate him and his family before the Families of a notorious crime syndicate tracks him down and executes him…. Read more »

Koreatown Ghost Story

Teddy Tenenbaum | United States | 00:14:52 | 2021 English In this supernatural horror tale based on a Korean ritual starring Margaret Cho and Lyrica Okano, a woman entertains a macabre marriage offer that would let her pursue her dreams, for better or for much much worse. Co-director Minsun Park Cast Margaret Cho Lyrica Okano… Read more »

Number Nein

Robert Glenn | United States | 00:03:00 | 2021 English Music Video of the Band “Her Wicked Jones” entitled #9 Cast Candy Graham Christopher Mcbride Robbie Glenn Writer Candy Graham Producer Robbie Glenn

The Thirty Second Man

Steven McGrath | Australia | 00:10:49 | 2021 English An actor thinks he’s at the top of his game until he finds his agent at the bottom of his bank account. Cast Steve McGrath Gerry Sont Writer Steven McGrath Producer Steven McGrath

Miss You, Dad

Neera Zaveri | United States | 00:14:48 | 2021 English Logline: After the death of her father, Ava processes the memories of her seemingly perfect childhood, struggling to come to terms with her parents’ role in destroying her innocence. Synopsis: This short film follows the life of Ava, who carries with her the memories of… Read more »


Fathia Absie | United States | 00:10:00 | 2021 English In his journey of everyday life… A young man is pursued by a mysterious figure. Cast Liban Sheikh Tony Doupé Kieran Walton Writer Fathia Absie Producers Fathia Absie Ilays Aden Malissia Woodall George Watt