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Can’t Stop the Sun from Shining

Dr. Teresa Mular | United States | 00:47:28 | 2020 English A documentary about four centenarian and almost centenarian women living in New York who unravel their courage, strength and zest for life in unique and inspiring ways. An homage to aging without regrets. Writer Dr. Teresa Mular Producer Dr. Teresa Mular

It Stops Today

Calvin Kai Ku | United States | 00:03:24 | 2020 This is a video based on the song , “I Can’t Breathe’ by Ken Newman. The song was originally written as a tribute to Eric Garner, who died when he was placed in an illegal choke hold by a police officer on Staten Island on… Read more »

Remember This Voice

Jeff Chan | United States | 00:08:12 | 2020 English, Spanish He was given a chance to make himself heard. A Los Angeles transplant from Venezuela, who believes that his broken English is an insurmountable hindrance to achieving his own American Dream, is about to give up on his passion for Hollywood when a single… Read more »

How the West Wasn’t Won

Dean Edwardson | United States | 00:06:45 | 2020 English In the old west, a poker game causes a gun fight between two cowboys that ends unexpectedly. Cast James Winterbottom Reggie Choquette Writer Dean Edwardson Producer Dean Edwardson

Jesse James

Josef Steiff | United States | 00:19:58 | 2020 “Jesse James” traces those tense moments between a neighbor’s phone call and the arrival of the police, when Jesse and his lover test the boundaries of their relationship and come face to face not just with what they are losing but with what they have already… Read more »


Geoffrey Gould | United States | 00:08:27 | 2020 English A third date does not go as expected when Amy’s lifelong friend Bucky confronts her date Peter. Cast Victoria Ippolito Michael Beardsley Geoffrey Gould Shannon Glasgow Writer Geoffrey Gould Producer Michael Beardsley

The Herb Train

William Lemons | United States | 01:45:00 | 2020 English Cast William Lemons Sophia Higgins Oc Taylor Dewayne Walker Writer William Lemons Producer William Lemons

The Search for the Cheeseman

Matthew Aird | United States | 01:32:00 | 2020 English Two friends go on a 20 year adventure to make and release a feature comedy. Cast Matthew Aird Kris Hallesy Writers Matthew Aird Alexander Weckell Producer Alexander Weckell

Money is as innocent as the gun

Chris Colling | United Kingdom | 00:42:45 | 2020 English following the spoken word in action. Producer Chris Colling


Vanda Ladeira | United Kingdom | 00:09:17 | 2020 English Alder is a guardian spirit that protects the forest and nature. It takes the shape of a female-tree form embodying the Alder tree’s inner qualities of protection against malevolent beings and humans. When a handsome young forager strays into Alder’s glade, it opens the possibility… Read more »