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Rane Jameson | United States | 00:24:57 | 2021 A struggling actor takes a job as a live-in ranch hand for an unorthodox young couple in the canyons of Malibu. Co-director Michael Willer Cast Ryan Bertroche Denise Pool Rane Jameson Maite Garcia Shawn Christian Writer Rane Jameson Producers Rane Jameson Paul Piercy


Jerry Benoit | United States | 00:04:36 | 2021 English Cast Paul Eenhoorn Tonya M. Yorke Rachelle Henry Troy Gepke Writers Jerry Benoit Gregory Marks Producers Jerry Benoit Gregory Marks Assistant Director Gregory Marks Camera/Audio Efren P. Herrera Editor Amrik S. Pabla Cinematography Amrik S. Pabla

The Extinction Of Up

Randy Boyum | United States | 00:05:15 | 2021 English In the near future, when people only recognize each other by their shoes, two boys discuss weird things that are happening in their lives, including a sibling’s accidental weight gain, and a great-grandfather’s bizarre revelations about the past. Cast Randy Boyum Writer Randy Boyum Producer… Read more »

The Lost Scene

Maggie Roback | United States | 00:45:01 | 2021 English As filmmaker Maggie Roback moved through life one question kept emerging in her head: where did all the bands go? She had heard many stories over the years of the once very active and vibrant local music scene in her hometown of Adrian, Michigan, which… Read more »

Homecoming Song

Daniel Janke | Canada | 00:20:24 | 2021 English, French, German Homecoming Song [English; sous-titres Français; Deutsche Untertitel] is a poetic documentary that tells the parallel stories of two men who came home. Many years ago Kaax’achgook of the Kiks.adi clan of Southeast Alaska disappeared at sea, and was thought lost by his family and… Read more »


woongjin CHOI | Korea, Republic of | 00:20:36 | 2021 Korean Taek-il, the protagonist, lives while working on courier delivery. One day, he returned home, and his wife Ki-young, who had undergone body plastic surgery, greets him. The option to go back to work without a word, but I am struggling with the price of… Read more »

Tell Me If It Hurts

Jay Nuzum | United States | 01:28:00 | 2021 English TELL ME IF IT HURTS is a docudrama following the harrowing journey of a young woman, LUNA, 13, who experiences an unexpected pregnancy from her mom’s abusive boyfriend. Cast Nancy Garcia Darlin Lopez Lyda Duran Adeboye Famurewa Writer Jay Nuzum Producer Jay Nuzum

MAGAMUNI (Great Sage)

Santhakumar | India | 02:48:52 | 2021 Mahadevan a call taxi driver lives with his dependent wife Viji and 5 years old son Prabha in Kanchipuram district. Maha lives a secret double life as a hitman for a local politician muthuraj to support his family. As maha’s enemies tries to kill him, he and his… Read more »


Benjamin Anklam | United States | 00:13:36 | 2021 English A old man in hiding steals an identity and changes his appearance to stay on the run, until he is found by an unlikely companion: a feral child. Cast James Anklam Elias Jannsen Writer Benjamin Anklam Producers Amanda Paddok Tommy Snider Lukas Colombo Benjamin Anklam


Kim Karpanty | United States | 00:01:00 | 2021 English CAUGHT by surprise? Rescued from falling? Either we coexist through resistance and division, or we pledge to support, connect and lift each other up. Producer Kim Karpanty Choreographer Kim Karpanty Production Editor Kim Karpanty Dancers Jasmine Perry Katie Scekeres Camera Conner Childers