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Hubertus Hinse | Germany | 00:14:24 | 2021 English God creates man and woman, but papal dogmas drive them away. Naked they hide in a library, a new Garden of Eden. The Song of Songs is a collection of highly erotic poems in the Bible. VERITAS NUDA puts them in relation to papal doctrine by… Read more »

Searching for my Voice

Canada | 01:47:37 | 2021 English Allan Soberman’s one person show, about growing up as the son of Beth Tzedec’s beloved Cantor Soberman while searching for his own voice in the music industry.


AJ Wilhelm | United States | 00:11:22 | 2021 Haitian Gifted as a teenager, Jérôme “Junior” Simeon was recruited by top Haitian roots music group “Racine Mapou de Azor” and spent 20 years touring the world. When the lead singer of his band dies unexpectedly Junior’s high-profile career comes to a shocking halt and he… Read more »


Linda Rosenfeld | Russian Federation | 01:03:52 | 2021 English The film “Dubliner”, 2019 (Ireland/Russia/France/Italy) is a tribute to Stephen Keenan, Irish freediver who set a few national records in freediving and was considered among the best safety divers on the planet. Stephen Keenan had a fatal blackout on the 22nd of July 2017 in… Read more »

Zhuravlev Avenue

Valentin Borisov | Russian Federation | 01:31:00 | 2021 Russian A film about the archaeologist Anatoly Zhuravlev, one of Russian eccentric optimists. He reflects on ancient civilizations and modern Russian life in the film. The filmmaker lived with Anatoly for several years of his life.

Her Mother’s Daughter

Alejandra Cadena-Perez | United States | 00:13:40 | 2021 English “Her Mother’s Daughter” is an emotional portrait of a volatile and challenging mother-daughter relationship, explored through dance and motion. Mother and daughter live together, yet lead separate lives, each in their own isolated world. In these separate lives, each finds a degree of satisfaction and… Read more »


Kaye Tuckerman | United States | 00:14:55 | 2021 English A cautionary tale in which a woman learns the hard way that her choices are not always her own. Cast Dawn Young Jimmy Pravasilis Kate Greer Amanda Brooke Lerner Latisha di Venuto Vanessa Thorpe Michael Piper Younie Writer Dawn Young Producers Dawn Young Vanessa Thorpe

A Brief History of Hollywood

Nate Barlow | United States | 00:09:30 | 2021 English Two histories intertwined…the histories of the Hollywood Sign and of the Hollywood industry, visually interwoven. Writer Nate Barlow Producer Nate Barlow Composer David James Nielsen

An Artist’s Journey from China to America

BiLan Liao | United States | 00:44:13 | 2021 English The true story through BiLan Liao’s artwork and her book “Diary of the Dragon’s Daughter”. She came to America at her age 45 to have the freedom to paint her and her family’s journey under the dictator Mao Zedong to search for the truth and… Read more »

Bon Appetit

Sebastian Harrer | Germany | 00:05:43 | 2021 English Raver Horse runs a Bar & Restaurant, an open stable for everybody. A curious greedy guest wants to check it out. After a short irritation about the fact that all other guests are animals his behavior gets nasty. The result is a mash up mix of… Read more »