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Springtime Odyssey

Dale Jakubowski | United States | 01:04:38 | 2022 A documentary, exhibiting Nature in her most beautiful setting. WATCH NOW!! Viewing Instructions

Out There

Adam Michael | United States | 00:10:53 | 2022 English Willow is convinced there is something in her backyard. Henry thinks his wife is losing it. They go out to investigate and what they find is beyond anything they could have imagined. Cast Leah Harper Matt Zaleski Writer Adam Michael Producer Adam Michael Director of… Read more »

Charlie, buried in a pile of onions

Katja Ginnow | Germany | 00:26:45 | 2022 CHARLIE (26) hasn‘t succeeded to cry since her ex ANTON (43) killed himself, although she tried everything: Dripping lemon juice in her eyes, getting slapped and exploiting strangers‘ sorrow as a crisis hotline worker – nothing. When Anton’s last girlfriend ANJA (40) calls the line for advice,… Read more »

Two people will come, with balloons

Hadas Neuman | Israel | 00:11:22 | 2022 While her mother is undergoing surgery, the director documents her waiting-room experience, whimsically trying to control reality. Writer Hadas Neuman Producer Hadas Neuman WATCH NOW!! Viewing Instructions

Try To

Luca Martin Karl Werner-Tutschku | Austria | 00:28:11 | 2022 English John finds himself alone in a sterile, empty world. At first he cannot move, but after breaking his stupor, John is able to explore his surroundings. Step by step his aching body stumbles through a world that is definitely trying to tell him something…. Read more »

Girl Beer

Marena Domingo-Young | United States | 00:34:08 | 2022 English An introspective look at the history and participation of women in the craft beer industry and the trials and tribulations they experience everyday. Cast Adela Elizarrez Kelly Erickson Kelly Chandler Anne Ortega Candace Moon Nicole Geletka Laurie Porter Laura Fahey Amanda Larson Writer Marena Domingo-Young… Read more »

Creatures in My House

Ilena Finocchi | United States | 00:09:59 | 2022 English The exquisitely handcrafted world in this stop motion animated short, follows a house full of peculiar monsters waking up amuck in this askew home. This quirky and tactile household is full of frenetic energy set off by the morning alarm. Discover what the ruckus in… Read more »


Andrea Schramm | Germany | 00:21:02 | 2022 German On the first day of the Corona lockdown, the director’s father is picked up by an ambulance. He dies shortly thereafter. Mother and daughter mourn in the parental apartment, isolated on 49 square meters — and connected to the outside world only by telephone. With painful… Read more »

Double Zero

Pat Bradley | United States | 00:20:00 | 2022 English After botching a job for the most ruthless crime boss in NYC, two women must play a game of modified Russian Roulette to survive. Cast Jamie Ragusa Casey Sullivan Caroline Anderson Vivian Belosky Writer Pat Bradley Producers Pat Bradley Jamie Ragusa WATCH NOW!! Viewing Instructions

Skookum Jim and The American Dream

Ken Smyth | United Kingdom | 00:40:29 | 2022 English This film by Scottish artist Ken Smyth explores the impact of The Klondike Gold Rush on both the indigenous people of Yukon in North West Canada and on the fake-news-inspired, get-rich-quick, American prospectors. It raises issues of racism, cultural imperialism and environmental destruction that remain… Read more »