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Suez Taylor | United States | 2015 | 9 m Facebook | Twitter “The first water that a baby knows is in the womb of a woman.” This film documents Winona LaDuke — native leader and Harvard trained economist — as she travels with her fellow Anishanaabe (Ojibwe) to harvest indigenous rice and defend her… Read more »

Agnus Dei

Agim Sopi | Kosovo | 2013 | 1 h 50 m Albanian with English Subtitles Facebook A young man Peter, who is around thirties, lives a desperate life with his mother Maria and her husband Stojan in one village of Serbia. Peter is born in Kosova from a forbidden love between his mother Maria and… Read more »


Mark O’Brien | United States | 2015 | 17 m Facebook A psycho-thriller following a young traveler who is invited to stay the night at a couple’s remote cottage in the California desert. Cast Mark O’Brien David O’Donnell Georgina Reilly This Film is Currently Unavailable. Thank you.

If These Walls Could Talk

Matthew Spaull | United States | 2016 | 21 m A young man becomes homeless when his mother becomes terminally ill. With the help of a youth agency he is housed in a shelter where he meets other homeless youth. They discover a strong bond in their love for creating music. Cast Jonathan Thomas James… Read more »


Humberto Braga | United States | 2016 | 9 m Facebook This music video is a visionary journey touching the divine peaks and darkest hells of the human experience. It embodies the dance between life and death, light and dark, good and evil, and, through experiencing the transformation in between, ultimately transcends the polarized boundary… Read more »


Marta Renzi | United States | 2015 | 6 m A friendship nested inside a party. Cast Mica Bernas Caitlin Roben Viewing Instructions

The Keys

Sonia Benarab, Archie Thomas, Joe Hoster | United Kingdom | 2015 | 9 m Facebook | Twitter Five years ago a young man met an ex-ballerina during the last month of his North American adventure. Little did he know, it was the start of a love story, which would change him, forever. Unfortunately, this romance was… Read more »


J E Flood | Australia | 2015 | 10 m Facebook | Website Kidnapped victim Roo must escape a wannabe Cupid before she is injected with an untested love serum. Director’s Statement: You can’t force love. Human beings are sexual beings and when we repress this side of ourselves there are destructive consequences. Institutions in Australia… Read more »

Waiting for Daybreak

Aviv Kosloff | Germany | 2015 | 9 m Even when tearing through dark, gothic landscapes in a convertible Jaguar, Vampire Girl doesn’t feel free. Waiting for Daybreak is a road movie about a vampiress who learns that, just like the rest of us, she can’t run away from herself. The film is a metaphor for the… Read more »

Devil in the White City

Holly Siders | United States | 2014 | 4 m Facebook An obsessed fan of serial killer H.H. Holmes aspires to recreate his legendary crimes. Song by The Existential Gentlemen Cast Amanda Wickline Jess Paul Cassidy Bayes Kim Waybright