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One More Bite

Yaxing Lin | China | 00:18:41 | 2022 Chinese Jiuming who suffers from eating disorders for years finds herself deeply trapped in an indecent love affair; While restraining her desire for food, she refused the irresistible love… Cast Zoe Zou Writer Yaxing Lin Producer Kay Niuyue Zhang

The absolute true truth

Hugues Willy Krebs | France | 00:06:55 | 2022 French Two hikers discover a strange portal at the top of a cliff, and they decide to enter… Cast Angélique Hivert Aurélia Frachon Writer Hugues Willy Krebs Producer Hugues Willy Krebs

Kissed Away. The Empty Room (territories 2)

Diane Fellows | United States | 00:03:29 | 2022 English “Kissed Away. The Empty Room (territories 2)” is a self-portrait film. Composed of an archival 35mm self-portrait photograph, current digital images and text, the work is a tone poem reflection and meditation on the after-effects of breast cancer. Writer Diane Fellows Producer Diane Fellows

Deoch Dance

Orlagh Heverin | Ireland | 00:11:34 | 2022 English Deoch Dance centers around Sheila who is weighed down from the effects of living with active addiction. Cast Catherine Donnelly Writer Orlagh Heverin Producer Orlagh Heverin


woongjin CHOI | Korea, Republic of | 00:20:36 | 2022 Korean Taek-il, the protagonist, lives while working on courier delivery. One day, he returned home, and his wife Ki-young, who had undergone body plastic surgery, greets him. The option to go back to work without a word, but I am struggling with the price of… Read more »


Brayden Palluck | United States | 00:11:01 | 2022 English After being released from prison, Robert wants to avoid his former lifestyle and prioritize family. Cast Ian Segears David Walton Rice Writer Brayden Palluck Producer Connor Newton Executive Producers Shea Palluck Bryan Palluck Director of Photography Phuc Tran Editor Raymond Paez Original Score Collin Turley

Life, Love & Lockup Volume 2

C. Nathaniel Brown | United States | 00:24:00 | 2022 English Nine men and a woman open up about challenges they had to overcome to become authentically themselves. The subtitle, My Pain Became My Character, gives a glimpse into the emotional journey caused my rape, molestation, abandonment issues and so much more. These stories are… Read more »

The Law Of The Jungle Gym

Yoon Hei Cho | United States | 00:06:02 | 2022 No Dialogue/em> Lunchtime at a peaceful school, children discover that they can transform into animals, the only problem is when would they stop? Producer Yoon Hei Cho Sound Designer/Composer Brian Griffith Shuwen Zhao Coloring Assistance Yoo Jung Hong Erin Soo Yeon Park

Women in Parallel Empires

Tessa Brinckman | United States | 00:23:05 | 2022 English “Women in Parallel Empires” experimental music video re-assembles composer Cecile Chaminade’s work “Serenade to the Stars” (1911), addressing the concept of Empire in our lives and the wastefulness of technology, with humor and pathos. The film-makers invite the audience to listen to the score as… Read more »

The 2nd Act

Victor Fontoura | United States | 00:20:45 | 2022 English, Portuguese A short film based on a true story about a young actor who is harassed by a talent agent and decides to take matters into his own hands. Cast Evan Crommett David E. McMahon Monica Steuer Writer Victor Fontoura Producers Ana Moiolli Victor Fontoura… Read more »