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The Cleaners

Sedrick Savoy | United States | 00:45:00 | 2023 English The Cleaners is a film about two guys who run a house cleaning business. While cleaning one day one of the guys mentions a story of an old abandoned house with money stored inside. They initiate a plan to get inside the house and take… Read more »

A Time for Love: Something Beautiful

Dennis O’Neill | United States | 00:10:46 | 2023 English A TIME FOR LOVE – SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL: After a desperate call from his daughter about her mom pushed to the limits of depression, a pastor rushes home to his wife’s aid. He changes his podcast message to the subject of depression, balancing the topic of… Read more »

The Two Travelers – A Mystical Journey

Laura Lewis-Barr | United States | 00:15:00 | 2023 Cath, the Tailor, suffers workplace politics and more, in this comic update of the Grimm fairy tale. Cast Kat Evans Writer Laura Lewis-Barr Producer Inspirare Theatre and Film WATCH NOW!! Viewing Instructions

Scary Story

Larry Guernsey | United States | 00:16:14 | 2023 English A scary campfire story told to a young Elder God with scary effect. Cast Larry Guernsey Writer Larry Guernsey Producer Larry Guernsey Creature design Al DeLa Rosa Set design, concepts and animation William Griffin Guernsey Music and soundtrack Larry Guernsey Animator Larry Guernsey WATCH NOW!!… Read more »


Steven C Shaffer | United States | 00:40:00 | 2023 English When a young attorney receives a sentence to hell, she demands an appeal. This sets her on a path of spiritual discovery, shepherded by three strangely familiar characters. Note that this is psychological and spiritually focused film, but definitely not a mainstream Christian film…. Read more »

Cloak of Honors, The tale of the boy and the old men

Rui Falcão | Portugal | 00:20:43 | 2023 Portuguese It’s Christmas in a Trás-os-Montes village, a time of dreams and desires. Valentine has only one: to go to Luxembourg to see his father. To achieve this, he allies himself with Justino, a wise old man with any answer on the tip of his tongue. A… Read more »


Alfonso Otero Mireles | Mexico | 00:13:20 | 2023 Spanish A folk tale set in Mexico’s XIX century. A pregnant woman and her sisters wait for childbirth in isolation. Cast Ana Lancaster-Jones Anna Daniela Alejandra Otero Writers Alejandra Otero Alfonso Otero Mireles Producer Alfonso Otero Mireles WATCH NOW!! Viewing Instructions

Night Voices

Bradley Hawkins | United States | 00:23:59 | 2023 English A jaded talk radio host in a cycle of hopeless and demoralizing monotony makes a life-altering decision while on-air. Cast Gorman Riggiero Jack Packer Alex Joseph Pires Writers Bradley Hawkins Peter Fenton Producer Peter Fenton WATCH NOW!! Viewing Instructions

Morning without Evening

Beate Petersen | Norway | 00:39:26 | 2023 English, Russian Before the problem of death is solved, the Russian philosopher and librarian Nikolai Fedorovich Fedorov (1827–1903) believed, there will be no real solution to any social, economic, political, or philosophical question. He suggested that mankind should unite their efforts in what he called “the common… Read more »

Bloodstone City

GERRY MANUS | Canada | 01:04:05 | 2023 English The wild West, We need a Sheriff Cast MAICEY BENJAMIN JOHNNY WOLF Jeff deKinderen Bruce Hobley Juliet Wolfel Billy Wild Carol Wild Writer GERRY MANUS Producer GERRY MANUS