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Helen Stehli Pfister | Switzerland | 00:52:12 | 2021 German, Russian Young Sergey Tanin from Yakutia resolved early on with all the tenacity of a Siberian to pursue a solo career as a pianist. We show how he succeeds in making the leap from his icy homeland to Moscow and then to Switzerland and get… Read more »

Miracle! Mother Nature has appeared to me

Mario Pascariello | Italy | 00:09:48 | 2021 Italian This short film celebrates the beauty, charm and generosity of Mother Nature, seeing her not as a mere object to be used by us, according to the worldview of “civilized” man, but as a Someone with whom we should have a loving relationship as children. Through… Read more »

Pretty Metal

Mikhail Tot | United States | 00:10:49 | 2021 English A female-centric dramatic comedy that has garnered over 40 awards in 8 different countries since its completion in January, 2021. PRETTY METAL contains stellar performances and high production value. Audiences will be amazed to learn that this film was made in July 2020, during the… Read more »


Makoto Sorashita | Japan | 00:36:57 | 2021 Japanese Wanting to meet those we admire. Wanting to meet your love who has passed on one last time. With the release of a new VR game that can recreate real people, our desires are no longer just a dream. There’s someone I want to meet in… Read more »

Panic in Valley City

Antonio Harper | United States | 00:10:08 | 2021 English Awakened to muffled voices and piercing light, a panic stricken couple crawl into the New Year. Co-director Abby Burton Cast Bernie Golias Sara Golias Kristen Miller Annie Cooper Jessica Joerndt Writers Bernie Golias Sara Golias Antonio Harper Producers Bernie Golias Antonio Harper


Bernie Golias | United States | 00:06:40 | 2021 English A passionate collector receives an ultimatum for better or for worse. Co-director Antonio Harper Cast Bernie Golias Sara Golias Antonio Harper Writers Bernie Golias Antonio Harper Producers Bernie Golias Antonio Harper

Changing Times

Bernie Golias | United States | 00:07:11 | 2021 English An old man reminisces on his childhood, his father and their shared love for antique cars as he comes to realize he’s part of a fading hobby. Co-director Antonio Harper Cast Bernie Golias Tyler Marcum Natalie Hayes Joey Cooper Writer Bernie Golias Producers Bernie Golias… Read more »

Miss Mary Mack

Tim True | United States | 00:17:50 | 2021 English Set against the backdrop of the heart of the Covid19 pandemic in Seattle, Washington, Miss Mary Mack is a spine tingling, thriller/horror film. At its heart, Miss Mary Mack explores the universal themes of family dynamics and sibling relationships, which are often fraught with complex… Read more »

A Tear

Teresa Nduta | Kenya | 00:20:00 | 2021 English Chelsea, I am The Executive Producer of a short film that was produced in Kenya about the criminal incest problem that is taking place there in most families. The film release is accompanied with the book that details one experience that is the foundation of our… Read more »

Die Pelsloper/ The Skin Walker

Martyn le Roux | South Africa | 02:59:00 | 2021 Afrikaans, English A paranormal investigator, George Coetzee, gets a tip from a bar fly about a very scarce frog species in the Tankwa Karoo, a very desolate area in South Africa. He decides to investigate. After a narrow escape with a Cape cobra, he wakes… Read more »