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The Chief

Aundra Michael Segrest | United States | 00:20:51 | 2022 English The Chief in Nash Valley has been characterized as a spiritual man, but firm when it comes to fighting crime and being respectable, to all persons regardless of race, creed, color, origin, nationality or sex. He conducts and carry himself in a very professional… Read more »


Chris Roberts | United States | 00:03:33 | 2022 An experimental short film based around nature throughout a full year. Composer Chris Roberts WATCH NOW!! Viewing Instructions

Wrapped in the Flag

Joe Poon | United States | 00:38:07 | 2022 English Handheld camcorder footage meant to be right place, right time style of documentary recording that represents a sort of public consciousness or a soundtrack to the American experience of being “wrapped in the flag”. Footage and ambient sounds (oftentimes sourced from historic reenactment and public… Read more »


Derek Toombs | United States | 00:09:23 | 2022 English When the sun starts dying, an apathetic young man will have to do something he’s never done before to reignite it and save his girlfriend’s garden: try. Also build a rocket, learn nuclear fusion and launch himself into the sun, but mostly, try. Cast Derek… Read more »


Deb Lacusta | United States | 01:18:00 | 2022 English 1940s Los Angeles. A place where the sun shines too bright, the rain falls too hard, and Jewish detective and caterer Marlowe Phillips gets more than he bargained for as he sets out to solve the case of the missing Fishfeld – coming up against… Read more »


David Cook | United States | 00:27:00 | 2022 English Teenager Akiko is mysteriously sent 30 years into the future. In this future, everyone uses a digital assistant/life management A.I. system called B.L.I.S.S., and Akiko is immediately set up with one when she is sent to live with once younger, now older brother Hiro. She… Read more »


Lisa Channer | United States | 00:15:00 | 2022 A feminist comic short about a four way standoff that goes differently than anyone expected Cast Meghan Kreidler Jon Cole Ryan Colbert Jane Froiland Writer Savannah Reich Producer Matt Anderson WATCH NOW!! Viewing Instructions

Just a Broadway Baby: Mary Ellen Ashley

Patrick A Riviere | United States | 00:23:55 | 2022 English A short documentary film about the career and life of Mary Ellen Ashley who made her Broadway debut in 1943 in The Innocent Voyage (as Mary Ellen Glass) and went on to do the entire run of the original Broadway Production of Annie Get… Read more »

Last of the Lakers

Terry Ayrault | United States | 01:05:46 | 2022 English A film that proves how–even after 40 years–teammates from a Catholic middle school team are shaped by their experiences, their memories and the time they spent together during their 1980 football season. Cast Keats Dolgin Writer Terry Ayrault Producer Hans Groper Music Composer Gary Nester… Read more »


Nano Alvarado | United States | 00:23:40 | 2022 English, Spanish A Hispanic American has bitten off more than he can chew in a paid arranged marriage for US Citizenship with a Mexican Beauty as she is the daughter of a Mexican drug lord. After discovering that a Mexican girl was willing to pay $200k… Read more »