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Black Seeds: The History of Africans in America

Bayer Mack | United States | 01:09:31 | 2021 English Cast Casey Conley Fabio Revo Ben Ayers Brandon Bell Jim Kirkcaldy Buchstansangur Giovanni Pucci Alex Cochrane Rich Daigle Tangi Greene Rob Sharp Writer Bayer Mack Producer Frances Presley Rice


Mason Tabor | United States | 00:04:45 | 2021 Eva, 8, recounts the most memorable moments of 2020 by making sidewalk chalk drawings. Cast Ila Splawn Writer Mason Tabor Producer Jen Gerber

Amy and the Tortoise – How Animals Saved the Planet

John Leben | United States | 00:15:37 | 2021 English Amy, a twelve year old girl, lives under a glass dome and sometimes has to wear a gas mask when the elephants let her go outside. Her outside friend is Gus, a grumpy 100 year old tortoise. Amy narrates Gus’s story of environmental disaster when… Read more »

Mid Life Conversations

Maria Filippone | United States | 00:18:38 | 2021 English When a wife realizes her husband is living out his dream as a stand up comic, she feels that she has lost her purpose. Cast Gina Scarda Frank Failla Jim Scheller Writer Maria Filippone Producer Maria Filippone


Mario Roccato | Italy | 01:22:22 | 2021 Italian Francesca is a young actress who is facing a serious existential crisis, a situation exacerbated by the recent death of one of her dearest friends. The cause of this crisis can be found in the relationship with Alessandro, her husband. He has changed a lot over… Read more »


Graciela Cassel | United States | 00:14:00 | 2021 A teenager walks across Freedom Park dreaming of the ocean. While walking, he meets different people who interpret the text “Oceans “ each in a different language. The teenager listens and interacts with each of them. His role incarnates the innocence in all of us when… Read more »

Talking to the Starry Sky

Yurugu Matsumoto | Japan | 01:55:20 | 2021 Japanese The Great East Japan Earthquake occurred on March 11, 2011. Though this unprecedented disaster caused more than 18,000 people to be declared dead or missing, it is not well known that the mortality rate of people with disabilities was twice that of people without them. The… Read more »


Yurugu Matsumoto | Japan | 00:15:47 | 2021 Japanese Saki in her late twenties unexpectedly gets an incoming call from a pay phone. The caller is her father Sizuo, who lives apart from her. Reunited for the first time after a long time, they are both clumsy and two of a kind. A small night’s… Read more »


James Rasile | Canada | 00:08:14 | 2021 English Five years after a war versus the unknown, humans are used as weapons against one another. MindGait is a look into a world where human beings have been abducted and after a war in which the human race is victorious, the real consequences of these abductions… Read more »

Divide – Time to Breathe

Anthony Paulino | United States | 00:14:58 | 2021 English Gerald, an African American teenager who believes in taking a stance against the injustice to his people, and rebels against his father Jerome, a retired police officer, who does not agree with the methods implemented by the BLM supporters in 2020. Feeling suffocated and unable… Read more »