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Camille’s Game

Nick Hawdon | United States | 00:13:04 | 2021 English Camille, a woman trapped inside her own mind on the verge of her death, must face off against three figures from her past- her father, a scorned ex-lover, and her estranged son- in a final game of chess. Cast Lissa Carandang-Sweeney Marc Lubbers Sara Romanello… Read more »

Birnam Wood

Maxwell C. Blackriver | United States | 00:17:27 | 2021 English Fevered re-imagining of Macbeth in Birnam Wood. Cast Charles Grayson Eileen McShane Heather Stevenson Ginny Pados Beutnagel Bridget Burke Weiss Macduff Malcolm Ross Ghost of Banquo King Duncan Writer Maxwell C. Blackriver based on William Shakespeare Producers Maxwell C. Blackriver William J. Ward


Katerina Giannakopoulou | Greece | 00:04:08 | 2021 Modern Greek (1453-) “The Tragedy of Domna Visvizi,” is a multidisciplinary work of art combining the poetry of lyrics, music, dance, acting, cinematography and sound design to tell the story of the forsaken and forgotten Greek patriot and heroine Domna Visvizi from the time of her husband’s… Read more »

By the River

Agata Korycka | Poland | 00:35:00 | 2021 Polish Film “By the river” talks about the courage necessary to live a life in harmony with yourself. The main character, Kinga, falls in love with a woman, which is a challenge for her way of thinking about herself. As a policewoman, she works against orders to… Read more »

When We Prey On Them

Ronald Greene | United States | 00:35:02 | 2021 English A Police Interrogation doesn’t go as expected when the confessed killer gives the Officers a night they won’t soon forget. Co-director Shirod Greene Cast Ronald Dillard Jr. Aaron Stein David Milks Raymond Ritzau Ryan J. Wilson Dale Leopaild Writer Ronald Dillard Jr. Producers Shirod Greene… Read more »


Sonia Edith Rivera Lebron | Puerto Rico | 00:27:00 | 2021 Spanish This audiovisual project explores the history of a municipal band in Puerto Rico, with more than 100 years of services to the communities. It addresses the importance of cultural administration in the municipalities. As secondary themes, this project examines: the role of women… Read more »


Logan Himango | United States | 00:03:00 | 2021 English Animation Logan Himango Music Max Duggan Sound Design Rashaad Bacchus Alex Romo Limes & Cherries (Ben Bavonese)

Rockland Relay

Maura Smith | United States | 00:14:49 | 2021 English Rockland Relay follows Rachel, a young girl whose parents move her across the country just as she is about to start high school. Rachel finds herself stuck in a new town with no friends and only her snotty older sister to talk to. Quickly, Rachel… Read more »


Tyna Ezenma | Nigeria | 00:10:38 | 2021 English ‘I Am Somebody’ is a short anthology that follows the life of 4 men and their mental health. Through Ayo’s perseverance we get to see how Tosin, Chike and Moyin deal with their mental health challenges. Cast Asa’ah Samuel Chris Okagbue Nwachukwu Uti Akindele Akinwonmi Writer… Read more »


Éric PINÉDA | France | 00:10:03 | 2021 French Anna’s lifeless body is abandoned on a deserted road in the middle of a forest. Like the character’s name, this palindromic film tells the story of how this young woman from a wealthy family met her tragic end. Cast Justine ALLAME Alex MESNIL Xavier GOJO Writer… Read more »