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The Call To Rise Free

The Rise Free Trust | United Kingdom | 00:00:59 | 2020 English The Call To Rise Free is a 1-minute animated short created and produced by The Rise Free Trust. The Call to Rise Free can be viewed as a secular prayer that incorporates Enlightenment values including reason and freedom. Together these ideals have increased… Read more »

When Everything’s Gone

Jeff Stewart | United States | 01:52:20 | 2020 English Directed by Alex Alessi & Jeff Stewart, “When Everything’s Gone” is a post-apocalyptic drama about a man named Rory (Alex Alessi), whom has survived a devastating plague by hiding out in solitude for over a year only to be haunted by the the loss of… Read more »


Nicolas Vasseur | Thailand | 00:15:13 | 2020 Thai Nania is a thirtheen year old muslim female thaiboxer trained by her father in Bangkok. We experience her reality and the lead-up to a big fight.

Some Night

Enrico Banson | United States | 01:27:39 | 2020 English Young couple Jared and Taylor have always been the perfect couple to their friends. But when they abruptly break-up, both Jared and Taylor quickly find comfort from their closest friends–some shared, some new–deciding that this bitter break-up gives way to enjoy the night and forget… Read more »

Democrasourus Rex

Mark Lombard | United States | 00:18:50 | 2020 English In an alternate history the U.S. War Room watches in awe as their mutant super weapon lays waste to the enemies of democracy, blissfully unaware of the escalation they are causing abroad and the growing unrest at home. Cast Phil Hooser Coleman Crenshaw Chuck Kimberlin… Read more »

A New Vision

Michael Strauss | United States | 00:06:00 | 2020 English A Film by Michael Strauss Words & Music by Darpan + Temple Step Project In these unprecedented times we are faced with an opportunity to help bring us back to a point of balance. This invocation has been created to help facilitate what is being… Read more »


Antonio AMARAL | France | 01:26:32 | 2020 French PEDRO is a homeless man. He wants to make a movie in order to understand cinema. AYA is a first-time filmmaker. She agrees to help him. But AYA is in the grip of doubt… What’s behind PEDRO‚Äôs film project? Cast Ariane LOUIS Filipe DIONISIO Writer Antonio… Read more »


Jameen Fitzgerald | United States | 00:09:53 | 2020 English In the vein of It’s a Wonderful Life, Minutes displays how a rash decision involving life or death can change the trajectory of many people’s lives. Cast Manny Weathers Ryan Golding Writers Jameen Fitzgerald Dorian Fitzgerald Producer Jameen Fitzgerald Supporting Cast Dorian Fitzgerald David Fitzgerald… Read more »


Ryan Matthew Jolly | United States | 00:06:49 | 2020 English Waking up to a strange world, in an unfamiliar body. They must go on a journey to fulfill them-self. Composer Kate Madsen

Baby In The Basement

Dina Faye Gilmore | United States | 00:15:00 | 2020 English In this urban drama, two homeless teenagers meet while seeking refuge in the basement of an abandoned building. What begins as a friendship sadly evolves into a mutual suicide pact. Cast Josette Aderhold Tristan Wolf Chantel Divinity Jasmine Moreno Michael Haberkamp Ammon Underhill Writer… Read more »