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Kevin Nettles | United States | 00:18:00 | 2021 English Two guys meet for a hook-up, but find there is something more, if you are open to it. Cast Andres Acosta Randy Bruce Writer Kevin J. Nettles Producer Kevin J. Nettles Composer Jeffery Hansell

ENIGMA – The Fallen Angel

Abhay Thakur | India | 00:36:30 | 2021 English A seemingly perfect, yet flawed young woman has her routine appointment with the town’s most renowned psychiatrist. Turns out, Richa has more than usual to share today. The 60-minute appointment is about to begin now… Richa Kapoor, hailing from a wealthy background has been suffering from… Read more »


Mark Baumgartner | United States | 00:09:13 | 2021 English On her death bed, Laurie receives a choice from a strange visitor. Co-director Dustin Hawkins Cast Kirsten Malinee DeeDee Farris Emma Baumgartner Writer Mark Baumgartner Producer DeeDee Farris


Christopher R. Owens |United States | 00:06:59 | 2021 English When will the “last” time be the LAST time? Chris Oledude’s single “George Floyd” has now been re-presented in the powerful video, “George Floyd: Say Their Names.” America’s struggle for equality and fairness throughout law enforcement parallels those struggles faced by minority groups in every… Read more »

Thumb War!

Lilly Nelson | United States | 00:57:03 | 2021 Christopher Guest would be proud of this mockumentary about competitive Thumb Wrestling! Cast Lilly Nelson Amy Paquette Erin Wenger Guy Beretich Shannon Hutchinson Miles Snow Writer Lilly Nelson Producers Amy Paquette Joya Joseph Guy Beretich Ashleigh Eason Erin Wenger Emily Hershey

Its abuse only

Rochak Sahu | India | 00:34:14 | 2021 Hindi When destiny brings them together only to realize they have travelled the same path with same pain. Will they realize they are suffering from their own sickness or they will continue with the idea of giving what people deserve. Cast Nanda Yadav Amit Bhardwaj Writer Rochak… Read more »


Andy Kastelic | United States | 00:15:00 | 2021 English An escaped convict on his way to Texas strikes a deal with a young misfit. Cast Jack Forcinito Calvin Olson Writer Andy Kastelic Producer Andy Kastelic Director of Cinematography Jannis Schelenz Costume Designer Aleka Kastelic


Ryan Cauchi | Australia | 00:05:00 | 2021 German, Hebrew Nazi-occupied Prague, 1939. A group of German soldiers search for a fugitive Rabbi in the basement of an abandoned synagogue – unaware of the horror awaiting them. Cast Jaimie Leonarder Matt Rudduck Matt Clayton Steve Maresca Rachael Brown Writer Ryan Cauchi Producer Ryan Cauchi Stop-motion… Read more »

Connecting Flights

Gilbert Allan | Canada | 01:35:00 | 2021 English Taken from a true story and based on Ron Blicq’s award winning stage play, “Closure”, this Jessy Ardern adaptation tells a tale of family’s journey from England to Canada in an attempt to connect with an unsuspecting family member, who is unaware he fathered a child… Read more »

Straight Into The Ocean

Carolyn Laws | United States | 00:05:40 | 2021 English Straight Into The Ocean – A Music Video by Allen Ling Nov 19, 2020 This visual and audio work is about heartbreak, closure, friendship and tragedy. We follow the journey of lovers, and witness two very different outcomes. Completed in 2020, the original song and… Read more »