Lydia-Maria Emrich | Germany | 2016 | 21 m

Night in the city. A young woman walks alone on a bridge, her expression unreadable. She stops, hesitates for a second, then climbs over the railings and jumps to her death. Mysteriously Mara survives and wakes up dazed and confused in a hospital. The doctors react strangely as she asks them to call her Boyfriend Janis. Mara then escapes the hospital only to find her apartment has been changed and taken over by a strange women. No one recognises her anymore and she seems to have completely fallen off the face of the world. The jump hadn’t killed her but rather changed her entire existence, her past had been undone. Uncoupled from life Mara stumbles around in her lost past and tries desperately to find a new entrance. But can we ever have something back when it is long gone?