Passion Makes School


Alfonso (Rino) Cacciola | Italy | 01:19:00 | 2020

Ivan is a 12 year old boy who wants to make a documentary. He is looking for a topic that involves him and he interviews his classmates to find it. When spring arrives he is attracted by the beauty of nature and, with his video, he wants to participate in a competition. But together with his school he is involved in a race where you have to ride on static bikes to produce clean energy. In the classroom they talk about environmental crises and energy problems. During the holidays Ivan is more attentive to environmental problems and when he goes to the sea he tries to clean up a beach full of plastic. Back in school, he no longer thinks about competitions and discovers the importance of teamwork. There is no time to lose: the challenge for him and for the other kids is to believe in a possible solution for a problem that affects everyone but, above all, their future.

Ivan Cacciola

Alfonso (Rino) Cacciola

Alfonso (Rino) Cacciola