Path of the Daff


Michael Piscitelli | 1:27:00

A city faced with unimaginable tragedy rallies around a most unlikely hero. A timeless story about healing and finding purpose in life.

There is no road map for living through a traumatic event. It’s different for everyone who experiences it, and at some point, it’s something we all go through. Feeling lost, hopeless, and depressed comes with the territory, as if no other person in the world could understand your pain. This is a story of a community finding meaning when their lives are forever altered.

In the wake of the 2013 bombings, Boston blooms again on Patriot’s Day with its newest tradition – the Boston Marathon Daffodils. One man with a camera and an editing system follows one daffodil bulb’s adventure from the soil in the Netherlands, across the Atlantic, into a MA greenhouse, and onto the finish line of the Boston Marathon. A zen story of purpose, healing, community, and love, as told by the people who experience it.

Everything has a journey.