Pensioners Chips Episode 5 Us Presidential Campaign


Joachim Weber | Germany | 2017 | 4:52

Willy and Jimmy are old 1995s microprocessors retired for 20 years and grow old slowly. This is Willy and Jimmy, two personalized microprocessors. In a Park, sitting on a bench, two old 1995s microprocessors named Willy and Jimmy are in a conversation, like every afternoon.  They meet quite regularly and their meetings are never very quiet. Since 20 years now they meet every day and discuss everything which is discussable with their own sense of humor. Whether it will be things out of a normal life or political circumstances in Europe – which easily could stay for all the world.  Originated Willy and Jimmy are side characters out of a real big project from the CGI Magic Movie Corporation named “The Fabulous Three”. This is about adventures in the internet and should be made for the big screen.

Joachim Weber

Joachim Weber