Pink Bubblegum


Summa Cilem | Germany | 2019 | 22:00

We are entering the house of memories. Following Hetty on a tour of emotions and metaphors. How beautiful life can be, tinted in pink toned glasses. This film is a small collection of of memories and special moments. Going through life with care and pleasure. But what what happens if the bubble burst and we look around us? The black ulcer hidden in the inside of so many, is the threat to humanity and to our planet. Making us loose ourselves in the wrong values. People have chosen their path, in search of happiness. In a desperate attempt to save mankind we keep on distributing pink bubble gum again and again. They are a bandage and heal the evil to prevent it from spreading everywhere.

Clara Schwarz
Nicolai Hollmann
Babken Sakanyan

Summa Cilem

Florentina Bawart
Summa Cilem