Pixie & Dust


Cynthia Pepper | United States | 2019 | 29:29

Pixie & Dust tells the story of two teenagers who are transformed by their adventures on a treasure hunt. As they set off in search of the mystery, they discover a transparent portal in the sky. Their journey takes them through five color worlds encountering wild wardrobes, quirky sounds, and extraordinary visual and emotional experiences. Each zone is embraced through the lens of their friendship. Pixie & Dust embrace their search with all of its challenges and questions. They discover a good friend is more important than any treasure.

Talya Satkin
Jordan Levin
Audrey Corson
Melinda Darlington-Bach
Justin Gillman
Randall Nazarian

Cynthia Pepper
Melinda Darlington-Bach
Elaine Trotter

Xanadu Entertainment


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