Poker Night: A Dark Comedy


Shaun O’Connor | Norway | 2018 | 38:15

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Five seemingly innocent characters wake up handcuffed to chairs in a dark room sitting around a well-lit poker table, each of them is familiar with one another in the outside world. A dark and mysterious masked presence known only as ”The Dealer”, and armed with a loaded pistol, place a phone on the table where a digitally altered voice tells them that they have to play the game, or die. Each player receives twenty-five thousand dollars worth of chips, the winner gets to walk away alive with one hundred and twenty five thousand dollars. During the game secrets are revealed which shows each person’s true colors, setting them off against one another.

Gard Fauchald
Marius Ingebrethsen
Kathrine Soltveit
Anna Nilsen
Jon Magnussen
Shaun O’Connor

Shaun O’Connor

Amit Ginni Patpatia
Shaun O’Connor