Pulled Pork Pizza


Kimmo Räntilä | Finland | 2016 | 14:00

Russian, Finnish with English Subtitles

Young Russian couple Natalia and Ivan are visiting Helsinki, Finland, for shopping. Natalia needs more time, and she sends Ivan searching for pizza or something. Ivan is delighted, and he finds a restaurant nearby. Happy-go-lucky, Ivan orders a beer and a pulled pork pizza. He takes a seat, and then goes to the toilet. Coming back, he sees a strange guy eating – a pulled pork pizza. And drinking a beer!

At first, Ivan doesn’t know how to react. After all, he’s in a strange country and in a strange culture. But this is too much… He goes back to the counter and asks for a fork and a knife. Now… Yes, now he’s ready for a duell.

Vladimir Ivanov
Anna Andersson
Joseph Stacey

Kimmo Räntilä