Punching Bag


Jamie Anderson | United States | 2017 | 16:28


A dark comedy following a lonely romantic man who becomes a punching bag for disillusioned women to right the evils of all men.

Stacy Simms felt emasculated at birth by being given a “girl’s” name. For him, it’s been downhill ever since. Deflated and desperate for connection, Stacy works as a literal punching bag for his brother, Brock, at his karate dojo. Brock, the hypersexual, macho alpha male, teaches a women’s empowerment class called “Douchebag Defense”.

From spit-filled yelling sessions, kicks, jabs, body slams, to ball grabs and crunches, angry disillusioned women take out their trauma on the stand-in Stacy, the punching bag. But after empathetic Stacy is berated, battered, and thought gay by the gal of his affection, he realizes he can’t save the women after all, he must save himself.

Punching Bag is a satirical exploration of what society deems as masculine and feminine, the judgments we put upon each other, and the masks we wear to get or prevent love. Although we are in a time of great feminism, there is a movement to demonize all men. We must take responsibility for our own actions, behavior, and choices in love. We are all two valuable sides of one coin. Love starts with respecting both aspects and taking off our masks.

Jamie Wollrab
Jonathan Stoddard
Bree Turner
Kate Krieger
Jessica Moreno
Julie Gonzalo
Jessica Caesar

Jamie Anderson

Jamie Anderson
Carrie Tyson