Reptilian Calculations


Frank Joseph Zirbel | United States | 2017 | 5:38


Experimental Short with Music — ‘Reptilian Calculations’ is a film featuring my (Frank Joseph Zirbel’s) drawing, ‘Quicksand and Quagmire #5.’ This drawing is after Pieter Bruegel’s ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ engravings, 1557. The film is an American/German co-production with the animation/camera having been realized by Mike Hans Steffl, Munich. It’s also one of seven films from the Blu-ray compilation, ‘Seven Gnarled Tales of the Unholy,’ featuring all seven of the ‘Quicksand and Quagmire’ drawings. The camera moves establish the narrative line following images that may well be called metaphors of Bruegel’s ‘vision of hell.