Return to Foreign Homeland


Viola Löffler | Germany | 2015 | 60:00

My grandmother is only 26 years old, when she packs her necessaries in a backpack, gives tranquilizers to her 3-year old son, throws a white sheet over herself and escapes over the snowy fields of the Wojwodina. She knows the risk she is taking: in the same night already three refugees were shot. But to escape still seems more save than staying in her hometown in the North of Serbia. Because my grandmother is Danube-Swabian. She belongs to the German group, that Tito claims to be the public enemy after World War II. They get disenfranchised, killed and put into working camps. In RETURN TO A FOREIGN HOMELAND I am going on a quest for the fate of my Danube-Swabian family. A fascinating journey – not only for me.