Graciela Cassel | United States | 2017 | 7:18

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In this video, an overview of the Queens Borough riverbanks and bridges is documented. The rivers are viewed differently, depending on who is looking at the waterway: a bird, a child, or a captain in a boat. The changes in the perspective of each observer gives a unique view of the river. The interaction of different people with the river, shows the universality of nature, that this supporting “mother” belongs to everyone. The symbolism of the flag is important because the flag is the first symbol that humankind uses to show domination and possession of a territory. In this case, the flag has a hole, making it open to any representation. This means that, literally, anything can be placed in the flag’s middle portion of space signified by the hole. In the video action, this flag is transferred from one hand to another. In one of the scenes, the flag is lost in the river but then recovered by children who, next, attempt to launch this flag into the sky, moving this powerful symbol of possession into other hands.

Alexandra Tejeda Rieloff
Isaiah Jed
Brian Jed
Mathew Jed
Captains and Crew Polish Club
Jonathan Clarke
Alvo Green
Eugenia Vlasova
Massimo Sammi
Polish Sailing Club

Graciela Cassel
Edgardo Parada