San Cipriano Road


Lea Schlude | Germany | 2018 | 1:06:00
Italian with English Subtitles


“On a blazing summer day the granddaughter of Emilia, the eldest of four, sets out for a visit to San Cipriano Road on a suburban hill of Rome, where the siblings over ninety live together.

Husbands and wives have since passed away, the children moved out long ago. Almost every day the four visit each other in their apartments to discuss life, share poems or kitchen recipes. But never for a shared meal: “We’re not a retirement home after all”, says Emilia.

Rummaging through co-living situations and memories well kept, this family portrait also reveals the filmmaker’s search for clues as to how to live her own life.”

Emilia Ambrosino
Augusto Andreozzi
Elide Andreozzi
Benedetta Cabasino

Lea Schlude

Giulia Giorgi
Lea Schlude
Baburka Productions