Sanzao 1938 (三灶 1938)


Zhou Ye, Guan Xin | China | 2015 | 1:24:00
Chinese with English Subtitles

Sanzao is an island on the southwest of Pearl River Estuary with the area of about 78 km2. Residents on Sanzao Island deeply memorized the days from April 12th to 14th, 1938, or in lunar calendar from March 12th to 14th. During this period, Japanese soldiers carried out a series of appalling massacres in the north of Sanzao Island. Half a year later after Japanese soldiers’ landing, the number of residents on Sanzao Island sharply decreased from 12,000 to 1,800. More than 10,000 people were killed, or missing or fled. Apart from the Kaohsiung Air Force and Jiahe Aircraft Carrier, the air force of Japanese navy that actively appeared in Southern China had got another destructive platform—Sanzao Airbase. The sky of Southern China was overshadowed by the inexorability and craziness of Japanese air forces from then on. Nowadays, Zhuhai Airport, located in the south of Sanzao Island, is a permanent host place for China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition.

Liu Changyan
Hua Yuejin
Gao Tianqiang

Zhou Ye

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